Marci Ramsey

From a farming and ranching background, Marci loves a good challenge and trying new things. She loves the outdoors, riding horses and gardening -- including growing her beloved lavender. Although she has had a working background in managing the finances for construction and water companies, Marci's favorite life achievement is being a mother and spoiling her 7 -- almost 8 -- grandkids!

New Hemp Plant

Our products are more than organic. They’re handmade.

At 24th West, our vision has been to offer quality products that are not just organic, but handmade with pride. We grow our hemp and lavender on a small boutique farm in rural Arizona where the sun shines bright through clear blue skies. Our fields are planted by hand, our hemp and lavender are cared …

Our products are more than organic. They’re handmade. Read More »

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