The Graceful, Calming — and Tasty — Lavender Flower

Lavender has always been one of my very favorite flowers. It’s beautiful blue color, long graceful stems and calming fragrance makes me happy. I’ve been growing lavender in the high desert of Arizona for several years now and never tire of it. It is a lot of work and care, but so rewarding.

Fresh bouquets are magnificent. The smell is so soothing and the beauty is amazing. It is just as beautiful when dried and the fragrance lasts forever. I have lavender from my first harvest eight years ago and it is still fragrant. I expected it might last a couple of years, but it just keeps its beautiful fragrance year after year. I’m curious to see how many years it will last.

Lavender stems are hand harvested just when the buds start to open into flowers. They are bundled together and dried to preserve the color and intensify the fragrance. They are fragile when dry and if brushed against, will drop a few buds. Not to worry, it just happens and the buds smell amazing when stepped on, or vacuumed up! It’s a small price to pay for the beauty and relaxation they provide. The bundles are gorgeous in a vase, set on the dresser, or on the wall in sets of three!

Lavender is calming. The hydrosol is comforting when sprayed on bed linen and helps your nervous system relax so you can sleep better. The sachets can be carried with you anywhere and a deep inhale of the sweet scent can instantly calm your stressful mind and body. The dried bundles are beautiful to display and so fragrant when brushed by. The buds can be scattered on your carpet before vacuuming to sweeten up a room and your vacuum bag. Lavender is medicinal and the infused oil can be used to soothe burns, sunburns, dry skin and even lips.

Culinary Lavender is amazing added to different recipes like blueberry lavender lemon muffins, lavender lemon sugar cookies, or lavender lemonade, to name a few. Lavender is so gentle and calming and can be used for so many things. It’s truly one of the most amazing plants I have every grown.

I hope you enjoy our lavender as much as I do.   We will be adding more lavender offerings to our product line when our plants are ready for harvest.

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