Soothe & Soothe+ CBD X CBG Salve


Our salve is hand infused with our in-house CBD & CBG flower. Our goal is a topical full plant extract exactly the way nature intended. No gimmicks, no solvents,  no enhanced COA’s,  just good old fashioned cannabis and our selection of naturally occurring herbs, oils & ingredients that promote enhanced bioavailability and entourage effect.

Our Soothe Topical consists of CBD x CBG flower directly infused into our certified organic carrier oils for fast acting relief.
Our infusion process keeps all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids intact from seed to sale for the ultimate entourage. While bioavailability is relatively low in a topical formulation, localized relief is extremely effective as cannabinoids will interact with all receptors it comes into contact with. In topical form, CBD acts as an antagonist blocking pain receptors.
We believe the existing combinations found naturally within the cannabis plant lead to the best medicine so we try not to alter the profile in any way but we do add isolate to our products to boost efficacy.
We’ve hand selected natural essential oils like lemon and lavender to promote calm and focus from the moment you break the seal.
Every product we create serves a purpose and we’re happy to see you here to join the experience!


Soothe OG, Soothe +, Soothe+ mini


500mg, 2,000mg


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